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The Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF) — an ethical cleaning certification plan - has been launched in Australia to clean up the jan/san industry. According to InClean reports, the launch follows what was a successful nationwide trial in commercial and retail properties.

The plan encourages cleaning companies, building owners and investors to adopt ethical labor practices for cleaners. Buildings where the owner and cleaning contractor adhere to the suggested standards for custodial workers can become CAF-certified.

CAF would work with independent auditors to verify that the CAF standards – as they relate to wages and conditions, taxes and responsible contracting – are being met at a building. Organizers will also engage with cleaning workers and facilitate the election of a CAF representative, who will receive training and support to monitor ongoing compliance.

The program's goal is to ensure custodians have better working conditions.

According to Jo-anne Schofield, national secretary of the United Voice trade union, the program will provide cleaning workers with the "respect and rights at work through decent work, fair pay, job security, safe working conditions, and very importantly – a voice at work for a hidden workforce."

Canberra-based cleaner Chris Wagland expressed that the program will result in cleaning contracts that are fair, accountable and transparent.

"As a cleaner, I have a right to a safe secure cleaning job that pays me a fair wage – but at the same time my employer has the right to make a profit, and one should not be at the expense of the other,” Wagland told InClean.

CAF sends a clear message to building owners and contractors who abide by the law, that they — and not the unscrupulous employers — will be rewarded, Schofield said.

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