The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) stresses product safety, despite misrepresentations in an activist group report. ACI also supports proposed legislation to mandate ingredient listing on labels, because detailed information is already available through a successful industry initiative.

The following is a statement from ACI President and CEO, Ernie Rosenberg:
The safety of cleaning products is the top priority of makers and suppliers of cleaning products. Every single day, these products are used safely and effectively by millions of consumers.
The attack by Women's Voices for the Earth upon companies and specific cleaning products is disappointing and regrettable, and only serves to unnecessarily alarm consumers and distort product safety.
An enormous amount of research, development, review and safety evaluation goes into the manufacture of cleaning products long before they hit the store shelves. ACI members believe that product safety is the foundation of consumer trust. The cleaning products industry devotes substantial resources towards keeping consumers and their families safe.
The WVE report targets fragrance ingredients that are used in compliance with industry safety standards and substances incidental to product formulations. These substances are present at microscopic levels, well within scientifically acceptable safety margins for consumers who use these products.
Fragrance science and safety is a primary focus for responsible fragrance manufacturers worldwide.  Consumers can depend upon the credibility of scientifically valid data, proven safety perspectives based on years of experience, best research practices that reflect the integrity of the industry; as well as definitive research conducted for decades by independent scientists.
The report lists the trace amounts reported and attempts to tie them to health scares and illness. This is simply irresponsible.
Federal Ingredient Mandate Unnecessary
ACI added that federal legislation – just introduced by Rep. Steve Israel – to mandate ingredient listing on cleaning products is unnecessary because of the industry's successful ingredient communication initiative that is designed to provide updated information to consumers.
"Consumers can find out detailed information about ingredients used in cleaning products by checking the product label, visiting a company's website or contacting the company directly," said Rosenberg.
"In 2010, the cleaning product industry unveiled a comprehensive Consumer Product Ingredient Communication Initiative as a way to provide consumers with detailed information about the ingredients in products."
Consumers can access accurate, current information about cleaning products here.