Armstrong Names Linron Flooring Recycler of the Year

Armstrong Flooring named Linron, the nation’s leading national account distributor for retail chain stores, as the 2017 Flooring Recycler of the Year.  In 2017, Linron successfully recycled over 23 million pounds of vinyl tile through the Armstrong Flooring On&On™ Floor Recycling Program. The award was presented at the 2018 GlobalShop trade show.  

The Armstrong Flooring award recognizes organizations that make significant environmental contributions by recycling resilient flooring materials during renovation projects, resulting in reduction in landfill materials, transportation and energy.

“The affiliation with the Armstrong Flooring Recycling Program provides us with a powerful way to work to recycle our customer’s flooring materials, which reduces landfill waste, conserves resources for the future and creates value for our customers,” said Linda Krienke, Executive Vice President, Linron.

“Partners like Linron play a critical role in the preservation and protection of our planet’s natural resources and are vital to advancing Armstrong Flooring circular economy efforts,” said Amy Costello, Sustainability Manager, Armstrong Flooring.

As the nation's leading National Accounts distributor for retail chain stores, Linron Company has provided floor covering for over 18,000 retail stores covering 2.2 billion square feet. Linron began recycling vinyl flooring removed during the renovation of retail stores nationwide in 2014 through the Armstrong Flooring On&On Floor Recycling Program and to date has recycled over 50 million pounds of post-consumer material – a quantity equal to the weight of 111 Statues of  Liberty or enough to tile a square foot path from New York to Tokyo.

The Armstrong Flooring On&On Recycling Program is the first program of its kind to reclaim Armstrong flooring and qualifying competitive flooring products from demolition and renovation projects.  A national program, On&On Recycling is a closed-loop process, meaning reclaimed materials are recycled into new Armstrong flooring. Armstrong Flooring has regional recycling facilities in California, Illinois, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. Through On&On, Armstrong Flooring and its customers have saved over 80 million pounds of material since the program inception.