Packagingand contents of Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers on steel background

Aramark has joined the booming plant-based meat substitute movement by teaming up with Beyond Meat.

Chefs at Aramark are using Beyond Meat products to expand menu options in hospitals, on campuses, at ballparks, at schools and in businesses, says the Philadelphia-based food service, facilities and uniform services provider in a statement. 

Aramark’s own data shows that 60 percent of consumers want to reduce their meat consumption, with a third of those respondents citing health as a motivator. Another 17 percent say they would like to reduce meat consumption in order to control their weight.

In addition to the company’s findings, Aramark supports meatless options because of the the potential they have to impact the climate.

“The trick for us is to develop and offer unique meatless options that taste great and appeal to consumers who might want to try something new and those who follow plant-forward diets,” says Heidi Hogan, vice president of product development and culinary innovation at Aramark. “Early on, we understood that consumer preferences were driving a need for quality plant-forward offerings and our culinary team has been working with a broad range of plant-based products, to create more enticing menu choices.”

The concepts Aramark is currently offering, or working to develop, with Beyond Meat products include a gumbo bowl, a plate of comfort foot, burgers, sausages and brats.