Frequently asked questions

Contributed by Waterless Co. 

“Believe it or not, when female customers come to us inquiring about waterless urinals, they often ask us, shall we say, intimate questions about urinals,” according to Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co., Inc., marketers of waterless urinals. “This has become so common we have a name for these women: ‘the ladies with the inquiring minds.’ And after 32 years in the urinal business, we’ve heard about every question imaginable.”

However, Reichardt says there are five questions that invariably come up the most. Those five are the following:

1. Do men like a gap between urinals?

Yes indeed. Not only do they like gaps, but most want a partition installed between urinals. They like privacy. The only exception is in busy sports venues, where many men line up to use the urinal. Trough urinals are installed in these restrooms because they can accommodate eight men at once.

2. Do men talk to each other when using the urinal?

If they know each other, sure. However, if strangers, they typically face the wall, do their business, and leave.

3. We have unisex restrooms. Should we even install urinals?           

One study found that nearly 60 percent of women want urinals to be installed in unisex restrooms. The reason: toilet seats stay drier.

4. Which do men like better, a urinal or a toilet?

In commercial facilities, they invariably prefer a urinal. It’s fast and easy to use. The downside is the splatter or splash-back. That’s why many men prefer no-water urinals. Because there is no water, there is less splatter.

5. Why are there pools of urine on the floor at the end of each day?

Because guys miss the pot, it’s as simple as that. But then it gets worse. Most men step back from the urinals to avoid stepping in the puddles, causing more urine to trickle onto the floor.

“So, there you have it,” says Reichardt. “By the way, our male customers never ask any of these questions. I guess they already know the answers.”