diaper changing station in a public restroom

The scarcity of baby changing stations is so significant in one Texas town that businesses will likely be forced to put them in, reports KGNS-TV.

City of Laredo Councilman Alberto Torres has pushed forward a mandate that would force new developments or any business applying for a permit to remodel its restrooms so that they will feature changing stations. Torres is also asking his fellow city staff to come up with a plan to help smaller businesses fund the purchase of changing stations.

Although the council appears to be in favor of the ordinance, the measure must again go before the group for a vote before changes can be implemented.

The issue of too few changing stations being made available to the public has gone national. And in some cases, the issue has even gotten personal. The mother of a 20-year-old Wisconsin man with cerebral palsy is campaigning to force more adult-sized changing stations into public facilities across the Badger State.