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Anago Cleaning Systems recognized its U.S. and Canadian Master Franchise partners during its annual summit, held live for the first time since the March 2020 onset of the COVID-19 pandemic halted all in-person gatherings and travel. The Austin, Texas, event drew a large crowd of Anago’s Master Franchise operators where the leading commercial cleaning company reflected on the challenges presented by COVID-19, lauded company-wide growth, recognized industry leaders, and paid tribute to an industry that was called to the frontline of the pandemic, helping hospitals, medical facilities and local businesses stay open and safe.

“It is an honor to recognize these fantastic commercial cleaning industry leaders who navigated their territories through turbulent times to help local businesses remain as safe and operable as possible during the global pandemic,” says Adam Povlitz, CEO & President, Anago Cleaning Systems. “Our industry faced many challenges but was able to shift and pivot collectively and help bear the burden of responsibility of being essential, frontline businesses tasked with keeping schools, hospitals, and many different types of businesses safe.”

Opening the event, Anago recognized several inductees into its “Multi-Million Dollar Club.” Leading the way at the $7M Club was Anago of South Florida. Anago of Cincinnati reached the $6M Club, Anago of the Bay Area (San Jose) reached the $5M level, and Anago of Hawaii surpassed the $4M mark. Additionally, nine Master Franchise owners were inducted into the $3M level, twelve territories reached $2M, and seventeen reached the $1M mark.

Throughout 2020, despite the pandemic, Anago added 357 franchises across the nation. Leading the “Most Franchises Sold” category was Anago of Philadelphia at 25, Anago of Hampton Roads at 20, and Anago of Nashville at 18. Company-wide growth was a common thread across all categories, especially in specialty services where Anago reported a year-over-year increase of more than 300 percent. Specialty services—many of which were brought on by the global pandemic—reached $8,149,541 for the year, which more than doubles the $3,601,444 in pre-pandemic specialty service revenues from 2019. 

In the “Highest Percentage of Growth” category, three territories were awarded for their impressive growth throughout the year: Anago of Hampton Roads (128 percent), Anago of Utah (118 percent), and Anago of Austin (111 percent).

“Anago’s core values and support structure help our franchisees navigate the changing landscape and foster growth, while we continue implementing the latest, most innovative technologies to meet and exceed current demands,” Povlitz said. “This recognition is not just for our franchisees across the nation, but for the industry. It is the hard work and dedication of each Anago team member that we truly celebrate today.”

Anago Cleaning Systems is a pioneer of the master franchise system, which allows successful mid-career professionals to operate their own exclusive regional franchises, while creating small business opportunities through the company’s unit franchise system. Anago’s corporate structure provides valuable assistance, guidance, and critical tools for franchisees to expand business and deliver stellar customer service utilizing the latest in cleaning technologies and processes. 

“Commercial cleaning franchise ownership is on the rise due to how COVID-19 has re-defined the industry, especially given the ability for entrepreneurs to operate an Anago franchise as a mobile-based business. During the COVID-19 pandemic, home-based and mobile franchise businesses gained national interest as a viable and profitable business venture,” added Povlitz.