Seminar event concept

Anago Cleaning Systems recognized its U.S. and Canadian Master Franchise partners during its annual Pompano Beach, Florida seminar. The seminar's highlight was the brand’s announcement that all Master Franchise territories had collectively met and exceeded last year’s $100M Challenge aimed at investing in people and technology. The $100M Challenge focused on increasing business processes, inflationary price protections, sales & leadership recruitment and training, and franchise development aimed at systems that make the dream of small business ownership a reality for more people.

This year, Anago inducted twelve Master Franchisees into the Million-Dollar Club, each producing at least $1M in revenues, with several exceeding this target. Additionally recognized were the Multi-Million Dollar Club inductees, which included ten territories reaching $2M, two with $3M in revenues, six with $4M, three earning $5M, one territory reaching $6M, and one with over $7M in revenues.

“In 2021, we launched the $100M Challenge promotion to help Master Franchise owners retain and strengthen their field teams to maintain and increase revenue across all national and international markets,” says Adam Povlitz, president and CEO of Anago Cleaning Systems. “The program has succeeded beyond our expectations and has now evolved into a target of more than $300M within the next five years.”

The program aims to support the costs for owners to focus on human resources, not just technology, to expand businesses and inspire entrepreneurs to launch unit franchise operations. The financial program boosted sales rep hiring, continued sales and leadership training programs, positioned for inflationary pricing protection, and strengthened franchise development.

Anago recognized several territories trailblazing new paths in growth through 2022. Leading the way was Anago of Greater Philadelphia, earning the coveted “City of the Year” award for the fourth consecutive year with more than $1.5M added revenue over the previous year. Anago of Southern California was honored with the Most Franchises Sold category, while Anago of Denver received the Highest Percent Growth award with a 211 percent growth increase.