Bear reading newspaper in rural wooden outdoor toilet sketch engraving vector illustration. T-shirt apparel print design. Scratch board imitation. Black and white hand drawn image.

Cintas Corporation has named the TikTok-famous restroom at Bancroft Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado the winner of the 2020 America’s Best Restroom contest. 

The self-cleaning restroom in Bancroft Park is a welcome amenity for residents and visitors who are seeking a clean park facility. It holds three restrooms, including an ADA-compliant option, and each comes with green, red and yellow lights to show availability. Soap, water, toilet paper and a dryer are all activated with the wave of a hand. The restrooms are set up to self-clean after every 30 uses, and a park maintenance supervisor is alerted via an app when toilet paper or other supplies are running low. The exterior is wrapped with historic photos and facts about the historic Old Colorado City neighborhood where it’s located.

“We’re very proud to win this award since opening these new restrooms just a few short months ago,” said Karen Palus, Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services director. “The amount of recognition we’ve received is a testament to the value people place in hygienic and memorable public restrooms. We’re grateful for everyone who voted for our facility.” 

As this year's winner, the City of Colorado Springs will get to properly crown their golden thrones with prizes from Cintas. This includes a Cintas UltraClean restroom cleaning service and $2,500 in Cintas products and services for restroom cleaning or facility management. The restroom also gets coveted spot in the America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame.

In its 19th year, the America’s Best Restroom contest, hosted by Cintas, celebrates innovative and hygienic public restrooms across the country. Bancroft Park was one of 10 finalists that were selected based on cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality and unique design elements.

 “With the COVID-19 pandemic, occupant expectations are higher than they’ve ever been,” said Sean Mulcahey, marketing manager, Cintas. “We’re proud to honor the City of Colorado Springs with this award as they’ve implemented technology to make cleaning a priority at their unique restrooms.”

Last year, the America’s Best Restroom award went to the Nashville Zoo for featuring two innovative exhibits. The men’s Entry Village restroom is home to a Boelen's python, and the women’s restroom in Expedition Peru is the home to the Zoo’s family of six cotton-top tamarins, a critically endangered primate species from South America.