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Green cleaning is increasingly important in the eyes of the public according to new research from Whittaker, a company that specializes in low-moisture carpet cleaning. The survey, conducted online on Whittaker's behalf by The Harris Poll found that half of Americans believe commercial facilities like hotels, long-term care facilities, airports, retail stores and more should follow sustainable cleaning practices. This can include the use of certified green cleaning products and cleaning during daytime hours, which uses less energy than cleaning during the evening.

“There are many aspects of facility maintenance that can incorporate sustainability, from lighting to HVAC to cleaning,” said Joe Bshero, director of technical services at Whittaker. “The cleaning process, including carpet care, can be especially resource intensive, so finding ways to use less energy, water and chemical is key.”

The survey also found that 61 percent of U.S. adults believe commercial facilities should have indoor air quality controls in place, such as air filtration systems and cleaning with chemicals that do not contain volatile organic compounds that pollute the air. Meanwhile, 58 percent of Americans believe commercial facilities should implement energy-saving practices and the same percentage also believe water-saving practices should be in place.

Plastic waste is also a concern. Nearly half of U.S. adults (49 percent) say commercial buildings should have single-use plastic reduction practices. Cleaning programs can reduce reliance on plastic by using concentrated cleaning chemicals that are mixed with water rather than ready-to-use chemicals in disposable plastic bottles.

“Proper and regular carpet care supports indoor air quality, uses less water if a low-moisture approach is used, and limits landfill waste by prolonging the life of flooring,” added Bshero. “Cleaning service providers and in-house teams that carefully consider the environmental impact of cleaning and communicate these efforts to the public showcase their dedication to the planet and building visitors and occupants.”