AmerCareRoyal announced the launch of its refreshed brand identity “ACR,” marking a significant milestone in its journey of growth and integration.

The ACR name is familiar in the industry, as customers, vendors, and channel partners often refer to AmerCareRoyal as “ACR.”  Over the past several months, the company conducted a deep review of its brand archetype and learned that agility, collaboration, and reliability — led by the letters A, C, and R – represent the core brand values of the organization. The new name of ACR signifies these three key elements and strengthens the company’s  identity as it advances in the foodservice essentials marketplace.

Following a series of strategic acquisitions, ACR emerged as a unified entity, combining the strengths and expertise of multiple companies under one cohesive brand. The refreshed brand identity embodies the collective purpose, vision, values, and culture of the newly integrated organization. While the businesses owned by AmerCareRoyal will now function under the ACR brand, their legal names remain unchanged, so operations and contractual commitments will not be impacted.

With a sharp focus on serving its customers, ACR believes the new brand and enhanced marketing components will produce streamlined interactions for its clients spanning the foodservice industry, from large restaurant, grocery, and convenience store chains to independent operators and the distribution networks that serve them.

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