Layoffs concept

When a building service contractor (BSC) has a significant contract fall through, the repercussions often extend beyond bottom-line losses and into employment cuts. Such is the case potentially for over 430 employees in Florida for GDI Integrated Services. As covered initially by the Palm Beach Post and additionally by Newsbreak, these employees are expected to be laid off in response to GDI’s loss of a contract with Amazon. 

At one point in 2022, GDI was contracted to service many of the 85 total Amazon facilities in Florida, with a scope of services including janitorial work. Now without the contract, estimated layoffs exceed 430, with over 100 in the Orlando area alone expected to take place. As it stands, the layoffs would initially begin during March of this year. Possibilities remain for affected employees to seek opportunities at other GDI facilities following the potential layoffs. 

In more promising news, a union in Delaware representing 600 custodians recently secured an improved contract for both part-time and full-time employees. Read more on that here