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M.D. Stetson Company Inc., Randolph, Massachusetts, and Supreme Industrial Products Inc., Mansfield, Massachusetts, have entered into a definitive agreement to merge. With the merger, Next Gen Supply Group will be formed which Michael Glass, Richard Tepper, and Larry Stern will continue to own and operate as equal partners. 

The merger takes two regional players in the Southern New England janitorial distribution market and creates a bigger regional entity that will be one of the largest independent, locally-owned janitorial supply distributors in the area.

Stetson, a third generation company founded in 1936, brings with it the M.D. Stetson brand of cleaning chemicals along with an offering of cleaning equipment. 

“Their manufacturing operation and equipment repair capabilities are a real competitive advantage,” says Supreme’s current co-owner Larry Stern. “Exposing our existing customer base to these capabilities will be paramount.”

Highlighted by it’s dynamic sales group, streamline distribution process, and leading edge product offering, Streamline is certainly not a newcomer to the industry. 

“The combination of our people and processes are exciting. Our customers can look forward to a tremendous customer experience by a true leader in the industry” says current Stetson president Michael Glass. “We are planning on big things”.

With the merger effective as of Monday, product manufacturing operations will remain in Randolph and the merged distribution business will be headquartered at the current Supreme location in Mansfield with some “substantial space and infrastructure improvements,” says Stern.