Agilex Fragrances, headquartered in Piscataway, NJ, recently unveiled its newly designed website,, as part of a rebranding initiative reflecting the evolving business strategy of the company.
Agilex worked with a prominent branding and marketing consultancy group on strategic research and detailed planning that led up to the rebranding, marking the first change in identity since 2007, when the Agilex name was adopted.
The refreshed website introduces unique elements inspired by the discipline behind scent creation, signifying the reliance on both art and science.  Agilex Fragrances excels at both by combining the skill of intangible, olfactive sense with the knowledge of complex raw material interactions.
Visible changes include a new graphic brand element, named the “crystalline structure” for its resemblance to facets found in the triangle method of communicating the primary notes of a fragrance, and can be found throughout the website.
The website was created with advanced programming techniques, and best-in-class search engine optimization, providing a user experience that truly reflects the company’s commitment to building its brand. A visitor to the new site will experience a unique engagement through features such as mouse-over parallax, which creates an interesting interactive effect.
"The new embodies the true capabilities, focus and culture of our organization,” says Ray Hughes, President & CEO of Agilex Fragrances. “Agilex is not the same company it was two years ago. Our customers already recognize what a resource we are for market trend information, creative fragrance concepts and regulatory support. Now the entire industry will be able to understand Agilex’s ability to partner with them and maximize the value of their brands.”