Baby Changing Sign Lightbox in the airport

Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida has installed an adult-sized changing table, providing much needed aid to people with disabilities and those who care for them, reports First Coast News.

The table can hold up to 400 pounds and features hydraulics that allow the operator to lift or lower it to fit the needs of the user. All these features are not cheap — the table cost the hospital $7,000.

Wolfson Children's Hospital isn’t alone in its installation of adult changing tables. Jacksonville passed an emergency ordinance in July which requires some public restrooms to feature adult changing tables. Any business being whose facilities are being built or renovated over 50 percent will have to have an adult changing table by Jan. 1.

The adult changing table movement has been sparked throughout the country. And the more common adult changing tables become, the more facility managers and building service contractors will have to adjust their practices to ensure they continue to clean restrooms as efficiently and effectively as possible.