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Whether you have already registered for next month's Clean Buildings Expo or are still deciding if this event is right for you, you should be aware of the additional educational opportunities available to you aside from the general attendance sessions. The conference will also be facilitating three separate learning workshops that you can attend at additional cost to expand your knowledge and expertise further.

Accredited Auditing Professional (AAP) Workshop
• Hosted by the Cleaning Management Institute, this one-day, interactive seminar will teach you all about performing a quality assurance audit within a facility. In this workshop you will:
 - Identify the components of the Cleaning Management Institute's AAP Certification
 - Review the steps and the resources needed to perform a quality assurance audit within a facility
 - Recognize the ethical responsibilities associated with the AAP
 - Experience a live building audit
• Learn more about the AAP workshop here.

Mold: Should I Wipe it Down or Tear it Out? A NORMI Workshop
• This entry-level course is designed to help you identify existing and potential indoor air quality (IAQ) issues, evaluate the conditions and causes supporting the problem, and determine the need for either implementation of sanitization or remediation protocol. This workshop will focus on:
 - How to identify existing and potential IAQ issues related to mold
 - Evaluate the conditions and causes supporting a mold or mildew problem
 - Determine the need for either implementation of a sanitization protocol
 - Understand the impact of a proactive mold strategy on liability
• Learn more abut the Mold workshop here.

Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) ISSA Certification Expert Workshop
• Position yourself as an indispensable resource by becoming an ISSA Certified Expert (I.C.E). By becoming I.C.E. certified, you'll be armed with the information and critical factors needed to help your customers and own organization met demands from the highest management levels. This workshop will identify:
 - The components of ISSA Certification Expert and Cleaning Industry Management Standard Programs
 - The need to reduce labor budgets by up to 10 percent
 - The operational and budgetary knowledge necessary to act as an industry resource
 - The best practices to evaluate, reduce, and redeploy cleaning staff to meet budget reductions and provide high levels of customer service
• Learn more about the I.C.E. workshop here.