APPA announced that the 2010-11 Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) survey is now open for data collection and all educational institutions [colleges, universities, K-12, preparatory schools, libraries, museums, etc.] are encouraged to participate. 

FPI empowers the educational facilities professional with the vital data, statistical references, and reporting tools needed to measure operations and performance, identify capital asset realities, and lead a successful facilities strategy that supports the institution’s mission and vision. More than 450 learning institutions are now realizing the benefits of APPA’s FPI performance measurement services. 

According to APPA sources, enhancements have been made to the survey this year, including the addition of updated and expanded survey definitions, tips, and FAQs. There are new questions and APPA has improved the data scrubbing process by focusing on mentoring/outreach efforts. Maggie Kinnaman will communicate with many more participants this year, and the organization has created an email communication tool resident within the survey itself for ease of reference with any data questions or discrepancies that are noted.
The Live Reports are also more powerful because APPA is sharing the deviation protocol tool for every data point on the survey. Participants will now be able to track where their data value fits into the APPA standard deviation model. All are encouraged to review the links provided on the survey homepage before beginning. The information contained in these links will answer a lot of questions and will better prepare participants for the survey cycle journey.
The 2010-11 FPI survey will close in December 2011, but all are encouraged to begin inputting data right away. Please note that participants will need to complete the survey Registration module before having access to the other survey modules.

The survey access instructions can be found on our FPI home page at