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AICS, a custodial and facilities consultant, has released "Outcome Based Cleaning" (OBC), a blueprint for cost-effectively delivering cleaner, safer and healthier workplaces in the evolving post-pandemic world.

“As the economy reopens, employees, occupants, visitors, students, and guests are demanding assurances that the buildings they enter are cleaner, safer, and healthier, but there will always be cost considerations," says AICS founder Dave Frank, in a press release. "Business leaders have repeatedly told us that they are wrestling to restructure their organizations to meet the heightened demand for cleaning in an economically feasible way.”

OBC is a road map for facility managers, distributors, service providers and in-house cleaning departments to successfully navigate the reopening process, and safely welcome employees, customers and visitors back to their offices and places of business while sustainably maintaining safer, healthier buildings at the right price.


OBC integrates risk analysis, industry standards, workloading, regulatory compliance, safety requirements, healthy workplace strategies, economics and best practices into a unified approach.