Making a distribution partnership

AFFLINK, a global leader in supply chain management and creator of the ELEVATE process, has announced a partnership with American Office Products Distributors (AOPD).

This partnership will allow all members of each organization the opportunity to take advantage of Membership options of each group.

This includes access to all Preferred Supplier programs, National Account contracts, and a host of training, marketing, and technology services, designed to position the independent distributor at the forefront of our industry.

AFFLINK’s President and CEO Michael Wilson said partnering with AOPD will strengthen AFFLINK’s efforts to surround the end-user with a comprehensive bundle of supply chain solutions.

“The AOPD organization has no rival when it comes to office supply groups in the industry today,” says Wilson. “From a training and contract sales perspective, they are simply the best.”

The AOPD leadership team shares the same positive anticipation for their partnership’s future with AFFLINK.

“After months of research, debate, and due diligence on what Facilities Maintenance groups would best fit the AOPD culture and vision, we collectively decided that AFFLINK shares our passion best in keeping the independent distributor relevant in today’s ever-changing landscape,” said Mark Leazer, AOPD’s executive director.