ACS Acquires Treleoni

ACS Industries, Inc, a manufacturer of cleaning products for the Food Service and Janitorial Supply markets, has entered into an agreement to purchase the assets and operating business of Treleoni, LLC. of Manning, South Carolina.

Treleoni is a manufacturer of non-woven floor pads and hand pads to the Jan San industry, serving both domestic and international customers.

The acquisition of Treleoni is a result of ACS’ continuing plan to expand its Janitorial Supply business with floor pads. This strategic acquisition, combined with the ETC acquisition in June, positions ACS as a market leader with now three compelling and unique floor pad brands.

ACS will continue to operate Treleoni plant in Manning while looking to capitalize on more volume running through their state-of- the-art production lines. In addition, ACS will set up a distribution warehouse in the facility.

ACS plans on hiring all Treleoni employees and all customer orders will continue to be sent to Treleoni.

ACS is a 78 year old family business now with 3rd and 4th generation management. In addition to the Cleaning Products Division, the Automotive Division is the world leader in filters for pyrotechnic airbag inflators and specialized knitted wire mesh exhaust components.