Save the date concept

ACI is hosting a one-day, members-only event featuring on-site presentations and updates from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representatives from regulatory, scientific and voluntary program offices.  

The day-long event will bring together ACI members and EPA officials during ACI’s Mid-Year Meeting June 14 in Washington D.C.  

The day’s sessions will include updates from the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) on  regulatory programs, policy amendments and recent happenings that have or will impact the cleaning product industry; the Office of Research and Development (ORD) on the latest projects and research on issues related to chemical safety and testing; the Safer Choice Program; and   presentations from additional  EPA offices, providing updates on programs and new initiatives  relevant to ACI members. 

“During this event ACI members can provide EPA officials specific insights on challenges they are facing to bring sustainable chemistries to market while discussing how we can strengthen partnerships and collaborations among the public and private sectors,” says Melissa Hockstad, ACI president & CEO. 

Confirmed speakers include: 

• Jennie Romer, Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution 

• Director Denise Keehner, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics 

• Clive Davies, Safer Choice Program 

• Matt Tejada, Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights 

• Karen Chu and Barry Elman, Office of Policy, Smart Sectors 

• Representative(s) from the Office of Land and Emergency Management and Office of Research and Development 

This program is open to ACI members and is in-person only. 

Those interested in attending can learn more and register on ACI’s website.