The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has named Melissa Bernardo as Manager, Sustainability Programs, a newly-created position that will strengthen ACI's sustainability efforts for the cleaning products industry.
ACI also announced that Brian Sansoni, ACI Vice President, Communications and Membership, will add the title of Vice President, Sustainability Initiatives.
"These moves reflect ACI's commitment to sustainability being one of the core strategic priorities for our organization and the cleaning product supply chain," said Ernie Rosenberg, ACI President & CEO. "We are looking to increase industry participation in our Sustainability Metrics Program and prepare a second Sustainability Report for the cleaning products industry."
Melissa Bernardo comes to ACI from Arizona State University, where she graduated with a Master of Science in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering.
While there she spent two-plus years as a Graduate Researcher, Home and Personal Care Sector, at  The Sustainability Consortium, an organization of academia and companies (including many ACI members) which works to design and implement science-based measurement and reporting systems accessible for producers, retailers, and users of consumer products. Her master's thesis focused on evaluating ecolabeling criteria for cosmetic products using life cycle assessment.
Melissa attained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
"Melissa's experience at The Sustainability Consortium and her studies in sustainability measurements and life cycle assessments will enhance ACI's expertise and abilities in the sustainability arena," said Rosenberg.
"Brian Sansoni's new title reflects the work already done to build ACI's sustainability programs and reflects his passion to showcase how ACI members are leading the way in demonstrating sustainability every single day."

Since 2000, Mr. Sansoni has served as a spokesperson for ACI and is responsible for the association's external and internal communication activities, including media relations and promotion of the ACI's technical, government affairs, and consumer education activities. He also directs the Association's membership development and member retention efforts.