Black Lives Matter written in white on a black poster board held by a protester

American Cleaning Institute is pledging to become an activist ally for Black Americans and their fight for equality and safety in the United States as the nation protests the Minneapolis Police Department's killing of George Floyd.

Melissa Hockstad, the president and chief operating officer at American Cleaning Institute (ACI) released an impassioned blog post via LinkedIn in which she expressed the company's sadness over Floyd's death. Hockstad says the institute plans to act on these emotions by working to help provide a solution to lack of social justice and equality. She says the institute hopes to identify organizations with which it can partner to bring about change.

"In my neighborhood in the middle of Washington D.C., I've seen a lot of broken class these past few days," Hockstad says in the blog post. "However, I've taken a lot of time to reflect and think about what it means to thoughtfully turn broken glass into a beautiful mosaic. You make that transformation by thousands of pieces coming together to make something better."