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The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has launched "Cleaning is Caring" – a new campaign to communicate the value of cleaning as a way to protect one another from the spread of illness and encourage consumers to maintain proper cleaning behaviors adopted during the pandemic.

According to ACI, the initiative is a reflection of new data that demonstrates a significant shift in consumer perceptions of, and motivations behind, cleaning.

In fact, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of ACI, 70 percent of Americans view cleaning as a way to ensure the health and safety of themselves and their families, compared to only 30 percent of respondents who view cleaning as just a chore. Additionally, Americans cited the primary motivation to clean was to disinfect and kill germs, a significant shift from 2018 when only seven percent of Americans reported cleaning as a way to prevent the spread of germs and illness.

At the centerpiece of the campaign is a new national PSA which will serve as a primary vehicle to carry the Cleaning is Caring message. The PSA provides a retrospective of 2020, demonstrating the role cleaning and cleaning products played during the pandemic.

“Cleaning is Caring sends a powerful message that cleaning should no longer be viewed as just a chore or to be taken for granted. As we witnessed during the pandemic, cleaning, hygiene, disinfecting and laundering products and practices are crucial to public health and well-being, showing care for each other and ultimately ensuring a healthy, safe and robust future for us all,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI president and CEO. “As an industry, this narrative also represents our commitment to producing, manufacturing and distributing the trusted products Americans rely on. It is our promise to continue to embody the Cleaning is Caring message for consumers through every facet of our work.”