Business people shake hands when reaching a business agreement together.

ABM announced in a press release that it has joined forces with ASM Global (ASM), a venue management and services company, and other partners, to execute on ASM’s VenueShield program. 

VenueShield is a comprehensive set of protocols and procedures that provide trusted protection for the live experience based on critical healthcare insights and partnerships with leading sports and entertainment facility experts. The program will support the continued reopening of more than 325 ASM venues and client partners worldwide. 

“We’re proud to have the opportunity to leverage our expertise and solutions to help ASM enhance and scale their VenueShield reopening protocols,” said Billy Hatler, senior vice president of operations - West Region at ABM. “ABM has been at the forefront of facility solutions since long before the pandemic. With guidance from our Expert Advisory Council and close adherence to CDC and other relevant agency guidance, we continue to leverage expertise from both inside and outside our organization to bring the greatest value to our clients.”

“Our shared commitment to providing the highest quality of service and delivering world-class experiences for our guests is at the core of this partnership,” said ASM Global Chairman Bob Newman. “We are pleased to have the experience and expertise of ABM contribute to our industry-leading VenueShield efforts as we continue to reopen ASM facilities around the world safely and successfully.”

ABM’s Expert Advisory Council advises on many aspects of ABM’s business, including the new EnhancedFacility program. The council, composed of both internal and external leading experts in infectious diseases and industrial hygiene, provides a third-party perspective to support ABM in the value it delivers to clients.