A person turning on a TV

ABM, a provider of facility solutions, aired its first-ever television commercial in company history on Monday, shining a light on its team members and the traditional facility services they perform that are now vitally essential in keeping critical businesses and services operating.

The launch marks a significant shift for ABM. Traditionally a B2B business servicing diverse industries, including education, hospitals, airports and airlines, offices, transportation hubs and more, ABM is pivoting its approach to address consumers directly given the heightened public demand for visibly clean, healthy and safe spaces. In fact, in addition to implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfection efforts, ABM’s clients want to showcase these reassuring efforts with their customers through branded visual signage such as posters, flyers and emails.

The creative concept behind the 30-second commercial is “All Around You,” and follows a day in the life of a working mother, highlighting many touchpoints she encounters every day where ABM team members are working hard to keep her safe such as her child’s school, a parking garage, office and airport. The commercial is designed to demonstrate the once unnoticed role that ABM team members play all around us in keeping essential services running.

As the leading facilities service provider in the United States, ABM developed EnhancedClean, a three-step cleaning and certified disinfection program, and EnhancedFacility, services focused on improving indoor air quality, to meet clients’ critical needs during the pandemic and beyond. Both proprietary services are backed by ABM’s Expert Advisory Council, consisting of leading experts in infectious diseases, industrial hygiene and facility services.

Cary Bainbridge, chief marketing officer of ABM, said, “This is an important opportunity for ABM to raise our profile and continue to position ourselves as a leader with diverse capabilities to create healthier spaces. The spotlight on essential workers and essential services is here to stay and celebrated in this commercial and across our business. It is our hope that people will feel more confident in returning to the places and spaces they love when they recognize the ABM logo.”

The commercial will air on Bloomberg and CNBC throughout the spring.