solar panels

ABCO Cleaning Products, a manufacturer of sustainable cleaning tools, completed a large solar panel installation at its facility in Choloma, a city in the Honduran department of Cortés. Proving its commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing, ABCO expanded its solar capabilities by installing an additional 2,058 solar panels at the site, which collectively generate 1 megawatt (MW) of power.

“This solar array will help power our operations with clean energy as we continue to minimize environmental impact throughout our vertically integrated process,” said Jose German Lopez, facility manager at the Choloma plant. “Sustainability is always a priority for us, from the way we manage the production process to how we design durable and innovative cleaning tools.”

At the Honduras facility, employees transform recycled clothing scrap into ABCO’s Green Seal certified Natura Yarn mop heads, in addition to supporting manufacturing for other key products. The solar panels will reduce greenhouse gas output from the facility while providing a significant portion of the energy needed to power daily operations.

“We anticipate short-term and long-term benefits from this installation,” said Carlos Albir Sr., president, ABCO. “Clean energy is a cornerstone of a sustainable future, and we will continue to pursue environmentally conscious solutions like solar power throughout our business.”