garbage truck and sanitation worker

New York-based Recycle Track Systems (RTS) offers environmentally focused waste removal and recycling by connecting its clients with independent haulers using Uber-like rideshare technology, according to an article on the CNBC website.

RTS takes food waste to farms where it is converted to soil. Waste laced with plastic gets sent to a facility to be cleaned.

RTS operates in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and Chicago. It offers its services primarily to restaurants, schools, hotels, stadiums and supermarkets.

Instead of owning its own fleet, RTS partners with local sanitation companies to transport garbage by installing rideshare tech in their trucks. Client companies get multiple notifications on where their waste is going via RTS's software.

The company also offers on-demand service for larger items, like furniture or electronics.

Along with the garbage, RTS also collects data on what type of waste each company is producing and how to reduce their footprint. The company offers advice on how a client business can be more sustainable.

RTS's current list of clients also includes Whole Foods, the Barclays Center, Citi Field, SoulCycle, WeWork, the Washington Nationals and the D.C. United.

Citi Field, home of the Mets, has been working with RTS since October 2017. RTS helped clean up after the 2018 National Hockey League Winter Classic. After the event, RTS donated 18,000 square footage of plywood and 27 rolls of unused snow to Materials for the Arts.

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