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While fans are being barred from attending events at the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics, efforts made by the city include constructing an impressive ‘floating’ restroom near the new Japan National Stadium. According to reporting, the restroom deserves praise. The construction is part of the city’s Tokyo Toilet project, intended to feature innovative and eye-catching restrooms in key areas of the city ahead of the competitions.

As reported, the restroom designed by Suppose Design Office will feature ‘floating’ concrete toilets in both the men’s and women’s sections. By creatively designing walls that are suspended from the central columns within the building, the exterior borders of the building don’t touch the ground to create the floating effect. At night, the exterior of the building has lighting installed to illuminate the elevated design.

While a simple concrete appearance is on the outside, the inside of the restroom resembles a luxurious design with stalls constructed from Akoya wood. Completing the vibe are skylights, allowing for natural light along brass signage.

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