Magnifying glass hovers over EPA website

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Safer Choice program approved eight cleaning product ingredients submitted by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) for inclusion in its Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL).

The decision marks the first time Safer Choice has approved a SCIL submission by a non-manufacturer.

The SCIL is a list of chemical ingredients that are evaluated by the Safer Choice program and is designed to help manufacturers find safer chemical alternatives that meet the program’s criteria.

ACI worked with environmental and risk sciences consulting firm Gradient – a certified Third Party Profiler (TPP) for the Safer Choice program that performed the associated chemical assessments – in compiling the necessary data for review by the EPA.

“Adding chemicals to the SCIL encourages innovation and growth in safer products, increases markets for manufacturers and helps protect people and the environment,” says Kathleen Stanton, ACI Associate vice president, Technical & International Affairs, in a press statement from the company. “The SCIL has a rigorous review process undertaken by both EPA and third parties to ensure the chemicals meet the Safer Choice Surfactant Criteria.”

The following surfactants were added to the SCIL on May 13:

Octadecanoic acid, 2-ethylhexyl ester (CASRN 22047-49-0) 

Alcohols, C12-15 (CASRN 63393-82-8) 

Octadecanoic acid, 12-hydroxy- (CASRN 106-14-9)

Fatty acids, C8-18 and C18-unsatd., sodium salts (CASRN 67701-10-4)

Fatty acids, C14-18 and C16-18-unsatd., sodium salts (CASRN 67701-11-5)

Potassium oleate (CASRN 143-18-0)

Fatty acids, palm-oil (CASRN 68440-15-3)

Sulfuric acid, mono-C14-18-alkyl esters, sodium salts (CASRN 68081-98-1)