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From May 10-13, Interclean Amsterdam 2022 will be opening its doors again to professionals from the cleaning and hygiene industry. Following an online edition in 2020 the organization, partners, visitors and 600+ international exhibitors are eagerly looking forward to an in-person edition with lots of innovations, plenty of room to network and an inspiring program. Experts (from the industry) will take the stage to share their knowledge and best practices on a broad variety of cleaning and hygiene topics. With exhibitors from all over the world, an Innovation Lab, Robot Arena, Zero Waste Dome, a focus on healthcare cleaning and a special program for Facility Managers, the show will highlight the latest solutions, trends and developments for the entire industry, all under one roof.

Innovation Lab & Innovation Awards

The Innovation Lab is the place to be for everything and anything relating to innovation. This exciting onsite activity platform will feature products, solutions, technologies, an impressive line-up of speakers and the most remarkable innovations at the show, including those which were nominated for, and which won, the Amsterdam Innovation Award. The Innovation Lab Stage will offer free educational sessions, including the daily Interclean Inside talk show on sustainability, digitalization and efficiency, and innovation.

Healthcare Cleaning Lab - live demonstrations and debates

The Healthcare Cleaning Lab is where you will find cleaning products and practices specifically for the healthcare industry. Live demonstrations are going to be held in a hospital setting to showcase specialized cleaning methods, guidelines, dress codes, hand hygiene and much more besides. The demonstrations will be presented by a professional from SVS, which is an educational institute for the facility and cleaning industry. In addition to the demonstration area, there is also the Healthcare Cleaning Lab Theatre where daily presentations will be given on a wide range of cleaning and infection prevention topics. Key themes will be discussed in three debates during which experts will exchange views on the merits and benefits of technologies and solutions such as non-wovens, UVC and air quality.

If your main interest is healthcare, be sure to check out the Healthcare Cleaning Forum, which is being organized alongside Interclean Amsterdam.

Healthcare Cleaning Forum - environmental hygiene: looking to the future

Interclean’s Healthcare Cleaning Forum is taking place for the second time in RAI Amsterdam on 12 May 2022. The program has been put together in close cooperation with Clean Hospitals. The focus of this one-day international conference is on cleaning and hygiene as part of infection prevention in hospitals and long-term care institutions. Visitors to this year's conference can look forward to interesting keynote speeches and breakout sessions relating to themes such as the impact of COVID, cleaning and disinfection, (international) guidelines, sustainability, the importance of evidence-based interventions and new, innovative technology.

The fee for the Healthcare Cleaning Forum is €75 (incl. VAT) for full program participation, including lunch and entry to Interclean Amsterdam.

Hackathon: Boosting digitalization and attracting new (young) talent

While digitalization is set to transform the industry, its rapid growth has highlighted a key issue, namely the digital skills gap in the professional cleaning industry and other industries. To draw attention to this theme 10 teams with 5 members each from all over the world will be attending Interclean to demonstrate their problem-solving skills on 11 May 2022. The challenge that the teams will take revolves around the development of an application concept for cleaning personnel, based on a real daily issue. As a visitor you will be able to walk around the workstations, talk to the teams, follow their progress and share your thoughts on their concepts.

Robot Arena – robots and cobots

The robotic revolution in the cleaning industry is continuing thanks to the ever-increasing use of automated and autonomous cleaning machines within the industry. The latest trend is cobots, with robots and humans working together to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Visitors can experience first hand the benefits of using robots and cobots to create a more efficient cleaning strategy in the Robot Arena.

Zero Waste Dome

Cleaners play a crucial role in (zero) waste management. Maximum recycling requires pure ‘raw material’ flows. Since cleaners are active company-wide, they are able to view waste separation in a perfectly analytical way and can contribute to optimization and expansion by supervising sustainable solutions, data management and logistics.

A variety of solutions are going to be presented for separating, collecting, grinding, pressing and composting materials, as well as examples of circularity and closing the loop by repurposing ‘waste’. Daily presentations by experts in the field of waste separation, environmental equipment and sustainability in the supply chain will give insights into current and future trends.

The program in the Zero Waste Dome has been developed in collaboration with the Zero Waste Foundation.

Facility Inspiration Event

The Facility Inspiration Event (FIE) is intended to provide guidance to and update Facility Managers with regard to current challenges which are relevant for the development of cleaning and facility strategies and procurement. The event is intended to help managers find the right solutions for specific challenges and is inspired by relevant innovations. The FIE offers one-hour inspirational sessions followed by themed innovation tours and a Connect & Exchange lunch. During the inspirational sessions experts will provide an insight into 3 key themes, namely:

• Sustainability and supply chain cooperation: not a USP but a must.

• Workforce & ergonomics.

• Data-driven performance management.

A specific tour of selected exhibitors has been created for each theme based on specific developments, innovations and solutions. Visitors can choose to join a guided tour on the Interclean trade show floor, or they can follow the ‘do-it-yourself’ tour via the Clean Connect online platform and app. The participants will be invited to attend a lunch after the inspiration sessions which will give an opportunity to ask the experts questions, exchange ideas and experiences with fellow Facility Managers and gain extra inspiration to help them get started on these themes.

Registration for Interclean Amsterdam is free of charge up-to and including April 24 2022. From April 25 onwards, a registration fee will be applicable. Registration is always free of charge for exhibitors’ invitees.