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Contributed by AFFLINK

Many in the professional cleaning industry are having difficulty hiring new workers. But finding them is only the first problem. Hiring the right staffer is the second.

When it comes to hiring the right person, some interviewing tips and tricks can help make the process go a bit more smoothly.  

"We use these here at AFFLINK and teach them to our distributor members," says Gretchen Friedrich in the marketing department of AFFLINK. "They have proven surprisingly effective and helped us streamline our hiring process."

Among her tips, tricks, and suggestions are the following:

Don't hire warm bodies. "This is called the 'warm body syndrome' and rarely works out. What often happens is that the company is trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It doesn't work."

Begin with a third-party phone screen. "Often, it is best not to have a decision-maker handle the initial phone call with an applicant. Have someone else ask the candidate about their job experience and, if warranted, ask them to send a resume."

Interview several people. "All too often, a decision-maker will interview 2 or 3 potential employees and [then] report they have found the right person. That 'right person' may end up being just a 'warm body.' Interview several people before making a decision."

Due your due diligence. Always investigate the applicant's background, read their social media posts, and today, it is usually necessary to do a background check.

Take them to lunch. After narrowing the field to two or three applicants, ask each to lunch with you individually. "Here's what we are looking for. Watch how they treat the waitperson and the staff in the restaurant. If they are patient, kind, and courteous, that's a good idea of how they will treat your customers."

Finally, before hiring the applicant, have someone already working in the same or similar role interview the person. "This employee already knows what it takes to excel in the position and often can tell right away whether the candidate has the skills to do the job well."