The word Respect. Vector letters isolated on a white background

When it comes to business, respect is vital. Those in leadership positions don't need employees to view them as a friend, but they certainly want to be held in high regard. Respect matters to subordinates, too. After all, it's only human to desire respect from others.

So if respect is so important, how does one ensure that it's commanded? According to Forbes, there are five ways leaders can promote respect in the workplace. Here's a brief summary:

1. Praise employees around others and provide constructive criticism in private.

2. Prioritize hiring workers who are emotionally intelligent, have self control, are adaptable, and treat others with kindness.

3. Promote inclusion and try to prevent "cliques" among employees.

4. Make it known that any harassment will not be tolerated, and that harassment that does take place will be handled correctly.

5. Limit secrets and embrace transparency.