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Contributed by Servi-Tek Facility Solutions

Facility issues are not one-time events. They happen when you less expect, and can endanger your activity as a manager and the business’s productivity. The best solution to these problems is following a regular commercial and industrial maintenance schedule. While it may seem that creating a maintenance schedule is easy and straightforward, there is a lot that goes on behind.

Scheduled maintenance refers to carrying out repairs and inspections among other tasks as per a pre-defined maintenance schedule.You can include isolated responses to work orders as part of the task as well. For instance, you can add recurring or period machine lubrication and calibration as part of the maintenance schedule. 

Here’s what setting a well-set maintenance schedule will do for your property and assets:

1. Increased Transparency

As a facility manager, one of your primary responsibility is to respond to the timely needs of the visitors and ensure the premises run smoothly. You are also the one optimizing the budget and liaising with different service providers and suppliers, such as plumbers, technicians, and delivery workers. 

Planned maintenance helps the facility manager keep the building in top shape, as it keeps a smooth communication and assignment flow to all involved parties.

2. Improving Building Safety

Another reason for scheduling maintenance services is that even the most high-tech and user-friendly machinery can pose a safety hazard. You can ensure that all your machinery and equipment operate smoothly without any risk, through a planned maintenance schedule. 

3. Optimizing Workflow

Technical malfunction in the facility or building can stop work abruptly. It can also interrupt ongoing processes and plans. 

You may need to alter business decisions because of the unpredictable nature of damage and repair schedules. Planned maintenance can reduce the likelihood of untimely repairs. This allows a building to operate more efficiently. 

4. Increase Equipment Longevity

There is overwhelming evidence in medical sciences that suggest that early diagnosis saves lives. It also accelerates a patient’s quality of life. The same theory applies to buildings, electronics, and machinery as well. You can extend the life of your facility by having it maintained at the right time.

5. Helps The Environment 

When your equipment runs longer, you don’t just save time and reduce costs. You also become more environmentally responsible. Companies that don’t renew or replace their equipment frequently create less harmful electronic waste. The regular maintenance schedule is an excellent opportunity for saving resources. 

Service providers, such as electricians and plumbers can analyze excess energy usage and potential water leaks. They can provide facility managers and building owners with recommendations for tackling these issues. 

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