Janitor wiping table in office

Contributed by ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba.

Whether new to the industry or a long-time veteran, professionals in commercial cleaning understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe facility. COVID-19 presents challenges to those efforts.

"The benefits of professional cleaning and disinfecting services can help ease additional management responsibilities during these unprecedented times," says Diana Rodriguez-Zaba, owner of ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. She stresses the importance of communicating this to current and potential facility customers. 

The following five points sum up how business properties and commercial facilities benefit from certified COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services.

1. Customer Confidence

Restaurant guests, retail customers and business clients want to feel secure in their surroundings. The knowledge that their environment is professionally cleaned and disinfected is very important. Their sense of safety inside the facility impacts their experience. 

Make sure to communicate cleaning efforts, as well as the benefits of those efforts with facility customers whenever possible. This demonstrates what is being done to protect their health, making them feel confident doing business with you and your staff.

2. Employee Productivity

That same sense of security also makes a positive difference in worker productivity. From offices to warehouse floors, employees focus better when they're sure about the safety of their workplace.

Your efforts to provide healthy workspaces reflect your commitment to their overall well-being. When employees see certified technicians regularly cleaning and disinfecting their work environment, they know you care.

3. Better Time Management

Efficiently managing a facility means managing employee time on the clock. Asking your workers to take on property-wide cleaning and disinfecting interferes with efficient time management.

Professional cleaning crews free up in-house staff so that employees can focus on their jobs. Bringing in industry-trained cleaning technicians ensures better control over schedules, and that keeps operations running smoothly.

4. Certified Preventative Cleaning

Regular disinfecting helps offset the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace. Employees are expected to follow set protocols, but they aren't trained to perform the type of cleaning required to keep a property safe.

Professional services use advanced equipment and products developed to combat COVID-19. Industry-certified crews work around facility hours and establish routines that ensure all areas are safe for customers and employees.

5. Property-Wide Mitigation

Professional cleaning covers every corner in a building or facility. For example, workstations, public areas, break rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected. This type of cleaning covers high-traffic zones, touch points, fixtures and all porous and non-porous surfaces.

Cleaning technicians also take care of overlooked areas, such as storage, basements, lofts and attics. They clean hard-to-reach building components, including fire sprinkler systems, wall vents, ceiling registers and HVAC duct work. This type of property-wide COVID-19 mitigation helps maintain a healthy work environment for customers and employees.

"COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services are scalable to fit every property type and size," says Rodriguez-Zaba. "Facility managers and business owners have the peace of mind that comes from adding a critical layer of protection to the workplace that carries over into the surrounding community."