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4M Building Solutions was named as a top employer by Forbes in this year’s list of “America’s Best Mid-Sized Employers.”

4M earned a spot as #427 on the list of 500 midsized employers. In a statement, 4M said being included on the list is a "hard-earned, incredible honor as there is steep competition with many other well-respected companies across the United States."

The list was created through partnership with Statista, a market research firm. According to Forbes, 50,000 Americans were surveyed, all of which employed by a business with at least 1,000 workers. Those surveyed were asked to rate how willing they would be to recommend their employer to a friend or family member. They were also asked to nominate businesses other than those for which they are employed.

“We’ve always been proud of the unique culture we’ve built at 4M, and we are thrilled our valued team members continue to grow our 4M Exceptional Family even during a pandemic. With all our teams across the country continuing to outperform themselves with each passing year, we look forward to 4M moving higher and higher on the list," said Tim Murch, chairman and CEO of 4M Building Solutions. 

The final list, which ranks the 500 midsize employers that received the most recommendations, can be viewed here.