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4M Building Solutions (4M), a privately owned and operated commercial janitorial services company, partnered with DailyPay–the leading provider of on-demand pay–to help reduce turnover rates. Through the partnership, 4M team members nationwide have enjoyed financial flexibility with DailyPay’s on-demand pay benefit allowing them to access their pay as they earn it, providing them with the opportunity to pay bills, save, spend and invest on their own schedule.

Employee turnover in the commercial cleaning industry reaches as high as 400 percent annually, according to 4M. In an effort to reduce turnover and increase retention, 4M has implemented a suite of innovative and creative benefits including on-demand pay benefits for its team members.

Since partnering with DailyPay in February 2021, 37.4 percent of 4M’s team members have enrolled in DailyPay. According to a recent user data survey conducted by DailyPay in June 2022, 80 percent of respondents who work at 4M said DailyPay helps reduce their financial stress.

“At 4M, our Team Member’s needs are a top priority,” says Karina Villasenor, VP of Human Resources at 4M. “DailyPay’s on-demand pay is one of the unique benefits we offer to retain, reward, and give financial flexibility to our exceptional Team Members.”