Joe J. Kusta obituary photo

Joe J. Kusta, the owner of J.S. Jans of Chicago and Baton Rouge, Louisiana died in October. 

He is survived by his wife, Linda Oliver, a step-son, and three grandchildren.

Kusta had long-term industry relationships with manufacturers such as Fresh Products, Haviland Corp., Crown Mats & Matting, ProTeam, Hamilton Plastics, JT Eaton, Flitz International, and U.S. Products. He also had close relationships with end-user organizations such as ServiceMaster, Grainger, United Labs and USABlueBook.

"Joe was a true professional,” says Stephen Hanig, formerly of U.S. Products. "He treated his customers with respect, was always looking for ways to help solve their problems, and always loved a good laugh." 

Hanig says that Kusta’s business motto was “Early to bed, early to rise, and advertise.”

 “When you talk to customers, manufacturers, and associates, one thing keeps being repeated: 'Joe Kusta was a nice man,’” says Oliver. “No better compliment can be said."

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