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Employee retention is hard. Just ask building service contractors, facility managers and even jan/san distributors.

Luckily, there are a number of methods companies can implement to improve upon their retention of quality employees. One element that helps to keep employees around is happiness. And happiness can be brought about by rewarding employees.

Here are four tips on how to reward employees, according to BBN Times.

1. Grant Independence Through Flexible Scheduling

Managers should keep employees aware of targets they should reach and improvements they must make, but that doesn't mean they should be breathing down their necks. By better trusting employees, and therefore granting them more freedom to do their work, managers empower their employees through independence. One way to do this is to allow them to create their own work schedule — if that's at all possible.

2. Encourage Professional Development

Encourage employees to continue to learn long after being hired by providing them with educational and professional development opportunities. This incentive is great because it not only benefits employees by giving them more skills, but it also keeps employees engaged, which means they're giving their bosses their very best.

3. Help The Commuting Employee

Most people loath commuting to work, but unfortunately many people have to do just that. Companies can sweeten the deal for employees who commute longer distances by granting them benefits that defray the cost of things like bus and train tickets.

4. Non-Monetary Bonuses

Monetary bonuses granted for strong performance at the workplace have long been used by employers as a way to motivate their workers. But not all companies have the funds to give out this extra cash. Those who can't afford cash bonuses should consider other perks, such as extra paid time off or tickets to an event.