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3M announced that its Scotch-Brite Clean and Shine Pad and 3M Easy Trap Disposable Floor Mop Pad have been nominated for the ISSA 2018 Innovation Award.

The Scotch-Brite Clean and Shine Pad, nominated in the Cleaning Agents category, is a two-sided low-speed scrubber pad designed to clean and shine in the same step. With the 2-in-1 daily cleaning pad, cleaning staff can reduce or eliminate the need to burnish, saving time on labor costs without sacrificing results. Effective with just water, it can be used on most coated and uncoated hard floors.

The 3M Easy Trap Disposable Floor Mop Pad, nominated in the Supplies and Accessories category, uses both 3M Easy Trap Sweep and Dust material to collect debris more effectively and 3M Sorbents to absorb liquids fast, leaving floors cleaner.  The 3M Easy Trap Disposable Floor Mop Pad is an easy-to-use, economical alternative to a reusable microfiber or string mop used for scrubbing or mopping floors, and it works with most flat mop tools.

ISSA show attendees will be able to see both products in action at the 3M booth. Online votes are possible here.