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Years before the pandemic changed the face of the nation’s workforce and millions hesitated to return to offices, Barry Bodiford, founder and CEO of 360clean, figured out that traditional commercial cleaning needed a reboot and an upgrade. Since 2005, his expanding franchise 360clean has focused on “cleaning for health,” to help commercial businesses elevate standards of cleanliness and reap the rewards of fewer sick days that impact productivity and the bottom line. Long before office workers, healthcare professionals, and schoolteachers were worried about harmful germs and microbes, 360clean was explaining to clients that just because a surface looks clean, it doesn’t reveal what lies beneath – lurking bacteria and viruses that causes illnesses and account for millions of dollars in lost workdays.

“Some people believe commercial cleaning has changed recently due to COVID,” says Bodiford. “In fact, there are a lot of cleaning services that have suddenly sprung up and claim to remove all germs and viruses immediately. These are false promises and scams that the government is cracking down on. Our clients are impressed that our medical-grade cleaning services, non-irritating chemicals, and JaniMed Cleaning System have prioritized a healthier, innovative approach to commercial cleaning since 2005 and that our methods meet all EPA and CDC standards.”

The cornerstone of the brand’s hygienic commercial cleaning services is the JaniMed Cleaning System, which includes specialized training, a color-coded cross contamination prevention process, hospital grade disinfectants, microfiber products, and indoor air quality solutions. Clients include medical offices, educational facilities, commercial offices, financial institutions, religious facilities, fitness centers, and industrial facilities. With a thorough training program and a Pre-Set Sales Appointment (PSA) program that is unique to the industry, franchise units have ballooned to 77 locations since franchising began in 2008, with as many as 3 additional units expected in development by the end of this year.

"360clean is a strong brand with outstanding performance and industry-leading franchisee satisfaction," says Bodiford. "When you couple that with our many differentiators, which include our health-focused cleaning service and our one-of-a-kind franchisee growth program, it's easy to see why 360clean will surpass the milestone of 100 locations soon.”

With its headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina, 360clean franchises started strong in the Southeast, but expanded to Chicago, Wisconsin, Texas, and other parts of the U.S. in the last few years. The brand recently awarded franchise units in new territories to Eddy Campos in Jacksonville, Florida, Jennifer and James Sweeney in Greensboro, North Carolina, Tyler and Shantel Nowlin in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Charles Nixon in Louisville, Kentucky. With startup costs typically running less than $30,000, a new franchisee said that buying a franchise was an easy decision.

“On August 26th, 2022, my husband, James, and I took the leap to join 360clean,” says Jennifer Sweeney, 360clean franchise owner in Greensboro, North Carolina. “The primary reasons we invested in 360clean is because they stand out from the rest with their health- focused cleaning system and positive testimonials from other franchisees. The initial training was detailed, provided real world examples, and created a true sense of belonging. We attribute our success to the Pre-Set Sales Appointment Program and the availability of support staff and franchisees. Whatever we need, a 360clean support staff member is always there to assist us. It’s all about the family, and we are so glad to be a part of the family.”