Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs

A self-cleaning park restroom that cost $300,000 to build and another $115,000 to install is famous after a video demonstrating its impressive features went viral on social media, reports the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Located at Bancroft Park within the Colorado Springs neighborhood of Old Colorado City, the new restroom is literally a piece of art. Its exterior features an impressive black and white sketch of what appears to be a Colorado landscape of the past.

As historic as the exterior might feel, the interior is futuristic. The restroom features three stalls, all of which are opened by pressing a button and are lit green in the exterior when they're available for use. Once inside, the person using the restroom is notified that they have 10 minutes to use the facilities before its doors are opened back up. A display inside shows how many times the toilet has been used, and a button is pressed to release toilet paper. Soap, water and a hand dryer are all activated by waving one's hand. When toilet paper runs out, a park employee is alerted via a phone app.

Each restroom stall self-cleans after every 30 uses. When cleaning is is underway, the doors close and nozzles spray cleaning solution, disinfectant and water. The cleaning process is then followed by the restroom drying itself.

The TikTok video that made the restroom internet famous has been watched 5 million times and is share here in the story from the Gazette.