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The projected success of many industries peak and dip, but if one thing is for certain (especially in the aftermath of a pandemic), the demand and potential profitability of commercial cleaning is here to stay. Particularly in the franchise game, between the endless inquiries, elevated appreciation and programs in place that can help aspiring franchise owners get off the ground, there’s plenty of reasons to get into the commercial cleaning franchise game. A recent article from NuWire does a great job of articulating this, highlighting three distinct reasons to invest. 

Low Entry

While starting a completely new entity can be pricy, purchasing a franchise from a pre-existing brand is a much more affordable way to enter the game. Many reputable BSCs have programs in place that are budget friendly with licensing and start-up costs. Additionally, new entrants can benefit from a previously-established marketing platform. 

High Demand

Little surprise here, but it still should be said. The pandemic had businesses cutting costs left and right on aspects they deemed unnecessary, but with cleaning not only is it necessary, but it’s actually improved in demand as occupants and customers have elevated levels of apprehension about being in facilities. 

Repeat Business Is Likely 

Unlike other services industries where a job can either be a luxury or a one-time fix, the very nature of cleaning — and the need to do so again — is inevitable. While some jobs may be one-offs, the frequency of clients reaching back out on a regular basis is all but guaranteed when it comes to a wide variety of tasks. 

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