2021 Trends That Will Impact Cleaning Companies

Contributed by Kaivac

Last year was a challenging year for many cleaning contractors. Due to the pandemic, all types of facilities began shutting down. If facilities are closed, they do not need cleaning, negatively impacting cleaning contractors.

However, with the vaccine, 2021 looks brighter. New opportunities and a rebound in business growth will likely return to the contract cleaning industry. To take advantage of this rebound, cleaning contractors must assure customers and prospects that they know how to protect building users' health.

According to Melissa Hard, lead generation specialist at Kaivac, manufacturers of cleaning systems designed to stop the spread of infection, the following should help contractors grow their businesses in 2021:

Get educated

Certification by ISSA's Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) is an excellent place to start. This program instructs your staff on cleaning and disinfecting "best practices." These help your team prepare for and prevent disease spread along with biohazards in commercial facilities. 

Be transparent

Potential customers do not expect you to have all the answers about COVID. If asked a question and unsure of the solution, it is best to say so. Let the prospect know you will find out the answer and get back to them as soon as you can.

Create "health metrics"

Contractors need to establish scientifically-based health metrics. This way, they can prove their cleaning strategies are helping to minimize disease transmission. Key to doing this, using ATP monitors that measure organic or potentially germ-supporting soils on surfaces. 

"Establish ATP benchmarks for surfaces," said Hard. "Then set goals to keep ATP readings at or below that benchmark." 

Stick to what works

Different cleaning and disinfecting technologies took centerstage in 2020. However, how effective these are long-term is not known. 

"Stick to technologies that have already been tested, evaluated, and proven effective at stopping the spread of infection," said Hard.

Hard adds one more suggestion: "Keep up-to-date on the virus. We know it is mutating. This may impact cleaning. Our customers expect [their] contractors to make changes quickly if necessary."