5 gold stars. Teamwork metaphor

Contributed by AFFLINK.
Distributors proved their value during the recent pandemic, offering ongoing assistance to building service contractor and in-house end users. The most prominent of those offerings was identifying what steps to take to keep facilities not only clean but healthy.

Their expertise helped keep businesses open and workers safe.

But there are still organizations that are not working with a distributor. For these folks, AFFLINK lists these top 10 qualities of a top-notch distributor:

1.   They listen. Every business is different and they deserve a distributor who listens and understands the needs of that end user.

2.   They have a willingness to work with you. Ever work with a salesperson that viewed you as just another customer? A top-grade distributor views every customer as unique.

3.   They are ethical. Complying with rules and regulations builds trust.

4.   They are on your side. First-rate distributors focus on what products are best for you, not just the products they are marketing.

5.   They are a partner. Top-notch distributors become a loyal part of your business organization. They value collaboration above all.

6.   They have market awareness. A strong distribution partner is up-to-speed on all products — new and old — to help make your job easier.

7.   They focus on quality. Invariably, quality products perform better, are easier to use, and are more effective. Outstanding distributors sell quality products and educate their customers on why selecting quality products pays off.

8.   They offer a wide range of product offerings. Some distributors work with a limited number of suppliers. A top-notch distributor offers a robust mix of products from several different suppliers.

9.   They provide value-added services. When was the last time a mega-retailer trained your custodial workers on how to use a new machine? A high-caliber distributor does this all the time, and more.

10.  They offer rapid-speed delivery. Top-choice distributors invariably offer same-day/next-day delivery.

“Something else we find in top-notch distributors is that they pay attention to the details,” says Gretchen Friedrich with AFFLINK. “They make sure every delivery that goes out the door is correct, billed correctly and arrives on time.”