Interclean Amsterdam 2022 Preview

There are only a few days to go before Interclean Amsterdam opens its doors to professionals from the cleaning and hygiene sector. After COVID-19 forced Interclean online in 2020, attendees are looking forward to meeting each other in person once again. The 2022 edition from May 10-13 will feature numerous innovations, a versatile program and plenty of opportunities to network. With exhibitors from across the globe, an Innovation Lab, a Robot Arena, a Zero Waste Dome, a focus on cleaning in the care sector and a special program for facility managers, the exhibition will showcase the latest solutions, trends and developments for the entire sector, together under one roof. We have selected 10 highlights from a packed exhibition program.

The Exhibition Hall Is Back

Discover the 10 halls where 650 exhibitors from 40 countries will be presenting their innovations to visitors representing 155 different nationalities. Once again the event will provide plenty of opportunities to meet each other in-person and see and experience products and innovations.

Clean Connect Online Platform 

The new, smart Clean Connect online platform makes this even easier by helping exhibitors, visitors and the media to get the most out of their visit to the exhibition. Before and during the exhibition you can schedule live meetings with fellow professionals and establish connections based on interest. Clean Connect also allows attendees to select your favorite sessions from the program and watch the daily Interclean Inside show live.

Amsterdam Innovation Award

From cloths made from plastic bottles collected from coasts, beaches, seas and rivers to eco-friendly cleaning robots or a spray bottle that turns tap water into aqueous ozone, which is a powerful, natural sanitizer. An independent jury selected 12 nominees in 4 categories from 78 submissions. The announcement of the category winners and the Visitors' Choice and the awarding of the Innovation Award to the overall winner are scheduled to take place on Tuesday 10 May during Interclean Amsterdam. Throughout the exhibition visitors can admire all of these submissions in the Innovation Lab. 

Industry Event For Facility Managers

There is also something for facility managers. The Facility Inspiration Event (FIE) will inform facility managers with regards to the current challenges that exist in terms of the development of cleaning and facility strategies and procurement. Taking inspiration from relevant innovations, it will help them find the right solutions for specific challenges. The FIE is taking place on May 11-12, with a similar program on both days featuring a variety of speakers on the themes of sustainability and chain cooperation, personnel and ergonomics and data-driven performance management. In addition to the inspiration sessions the FIE will also feature innovation-based tours and a network lunch.

Cleaning For Health – A Focus On Cleaning In The Healthcare Sector

Interclean has plenty to offer visitors with an interest in cleaning in the healthcare sector. Cleaning products and practices developed specially for the care sector will be on show in the Healthcare Cleaning Lab. In a hospital setting you will be able to watch live demonstrations on, for example, specialized cleaning methods, guidelines, clothing regulations and hand hygiene. However, daily presentations and debates are also going to be organized around a broad range of issues in the field of cleaning and disinfection. On May 12, a debate will, for example, take place called, 'It's all up in the Air' about the importance of clean air and what can be done to improve it.

Healthcare Cleaning Forum

The Healthcare Cleaning Forum is taking place for the second time on 12 May 2022. The focus of this one-day international conference is on cleaning and hygiene as part of infection prevention in hospitals and care institutions. Visitors can look forward to interesting speeches and breakout sessions on themes such as the impact of COVID, cleaning and disinfection, (international) guidelines, sustainability, the importance of evidence-based interventions and new, innovative technology. The program for this conference was created in close cooperation with Clean Hospitals. The price for full program participation including lunch is €75.

Discover Robotization - Robots And Cobots

An important theme this year is robotization. The robot revolution in the cleaning sector is continuing thanks to the ever-increasing use of automated and autonomous cleaning machines within the industry. At Interclean you will find the latest trends such as cobots, whereby robots and humans work together to get jobs done as efficiently as possible. In the Robot Arena you will be able to experience first hand the benefits of using robots and cobots in order to create a more efficient cleaning strategy. Here and elsewhere on the exhibition floor a variety of exhibitors will present their innovations and there will, of course, be opportunities to experience them yourself.

Interesting speakers on this theme are Professor Nicolas Vignas (Cleaning and ergonomics: analyzing through on-body sensors, assisting through exoskeletons); David Abbink (Towards meaningful robot-assisted work – connecting academic disciplines with employee experience and expertise); and Mike van Rijswijk (Look beyond what you are doing now).

Focus On Digitization – Opportunities And Problems

The industry is rapidly becoming more and more digitized. Managing the growing number of wireless capabilities is a line of work that has become increasingly important in the industry in recent years and that is why it is also in the spotlight at Interclean, with exhibitors presenting the latest software and management solutions in the Management & Mobility Solutions segment.

Digitalization is also the theme of the Hackathon on May 11, when 10 teams will come together to demonstrate their capacity to solve problems. The challenge those teams will be taking up concerns the development of an application concept for cleaning staff, based on a real daily issue. Visitors will be able to walk around the workstations, talk to the teams, monitor their progress and share opinions about their concepts.

Discover Sustainable Solutions 

Sustainability is a subject which cannot and must not be avoided, and which is broadly represented in the exhibitors' displays. With this in mind, Interclean is offering a special Future Friendly route which takes visitors past all the innovative and sustainable products on display. In the Zero Waste Dome visitors can obtain more information about the crucial role of cleaners in terms of waste management, attend lectures and establish contacts with expert businesses in the field of waste separation and re-purposing.

Mix Business With Pleasure

Last but not least, visitors can look forward to revamped catering facilities. New features this year are the RAI BBQ patio, the new Traveller restaurant and a fantastic terrace at Strand Zuid. The center of Amsterdam is once again a hive of activity and the new North-South metro line takes you from the RAI into the city centre in no time. 

From May 1-9 the fee for online registration is €40.00 per person. During the exhibition period from 10 – 13 May 2022 the fee for online and onsite registration is €70.00 per person. Anyone invited to attend by exhibitors can register free of charge.