ManageMen, a jan/san consultancy firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is accepting registrations for its upcoming Janitor University session. Registration ends Thursday, May 30. 

Janitor University is a professional development class designed for cleaning organization executives, facility directors, custodial managers and building service contractors. The event will be hosted in Salt Lake City, June 17-21.

Janitor University alumni come from all sectors of the cleaning industry, public and private.  

The course provides instruction over five days and will cover:

  •         Reducing Costs While Improving Cleanliness
  •         How to Implement Evidence Based Outcomes
  •         Cleaning as it Relates to Health and Science
  •         How to Implement a Balanced Workload
  •         Waste Reduction and Simplification
  •         Management by Functions
  •         Data Tracking and Logistical Planning
  •         Going "Beyond Compliance” in Safety Regulations
  •         Minimizing Environmental Harm
  •         Treating Cleaning Workers as First Class Citizens


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