Technology Streamlines Restroom Cleaning Operations

Keeping public toilets spotless can be a huge challenge, especially given the shortage of cleaners and the high turnover rate in the cleaning industry, according to an article on the Straits Times website.

SmartClean, a Singapore start-up has developed technology that uses sensors to monitor toilet cleanliness and can send alerts to cleaners in real time. SmartClean's owners discussed cleaning technology in the article.

"Our solution involves installing a set of sensors in toilets which evaluate different aspects of cleanliness in real time. This includes air quality monitoring, which means checking if the toilets are smelly or not, and wetness monitoring, which checks if the floors are wet or dry," owner Lav Agarwal said.

"The sensors can detect anomalies and alert cleaners in real time, so it becomes like an automated cleaning supervisor. This will help move the industry from schedule-based cleaning to need-based cleaning."

The technology can also be used in other areas of the restroom. For example, when placed on counters and near sinks, it will capture user patterns that managers can analyze when creating cleaning processes.

In conjunction with sensors, touchscreens are supplied in the restrooms in an effort to capture user feedback about the facility.

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