New Vote Leaders For 2017 Distributor Choice Award

After the second round of voting for the 2017 Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Award, there is a new group of front-runners.

More than half of the leading vote-getters changed after Round 2.

Current vote leaders include:

• PURELL Surface Disinfecting and Sanitizing Sprays by GOJO Industries Inc.
• Ruff Pads by ETC of Henderson Inc.   
• PS 4/7 Bp Mister by Karcher North America   
• WaterHog Modular Tile Square by The Andersen Company   
• OmniFlex SUV by Kaivac Inc.   
• Fuzion Cleaner Disinfectant by Clorox Healthcare   
• Lightning BDP 50/2000 W by Windsor Karcher Group   
• Sidepress Combo  by Impact Products LLC   
• The T300 and T300e Walk-Behind Scrubbers by Tennant Company   
• MATTE Satin Gloss Floor Finish by National Chemical Laboratories, Inc.   
• TurfScrub by Americo Manufacturing Co. Inc.
• Strip Pads by ACS Industries Inc.   

Nearly 350 products were considered for this award.

Only one more round of voting remains. If you're a subscriber to Sanitary Maintenance newsletters, check your email inbox for your ballot and return it today.

The final list of 40 products to be named Sanitary Maintenance 2017 Distributor Choice Award Winners will be published in the May issue. For information on last year's winners, visit