Cleaning Innovation Awards To Be Presented In Germany

At CMS 2017 Berlin (19 – 22 Sept.) the CMS Purus Awards, which have been presented since 2005, will become the Innovation Awards, signalling a new direction. The CMS Purus Innovation Awards (PIA), will honour ’intelligent products and solutions.’ Exhibitors at the international cleaning trade fair will be invited to submit entries in six categories. The Purus Innovation Awards recognise products, tools and systems that feature excellent usability and an outstanding overall design. Messe Berlin GmbH will present the awards for innovative solutions on 19 September at the evening event of CMS. Entries for the industry awards will be invited as of March 2017 and the deadline for submissions is 19 May 2017.

Messe Berlin will invite applicants to contest six categories which reflect the range of products at CMS Berlin:

Large machines: Machines weighing more than 50 kilos which cannot normally be transported by car.

Small machines: Machines weighing up to 50 kilos which can reasonably be transported by car.

Equipment: Any products used for assisting the mobile/manual cleaning process, including small cleaning aids such as gloves, bin liners, cloths etc.

Washroom hygiene: Any products for equipping washrooms, including hand driers / soap dispensers, washroom paper dispensers, fragrance and disinfectant dispensers.

Digital tools and systems: Digital solutions such as management systems and software applications.

Cleaning agents: Agents and products for cleaning and taking care of surfaces, rooms and textiles, as well as for disinfecting and improving air quality.

The entries will be assessed in two stages by a jury of experts who will examine the products’ innovative features based on five criteria: ’Functionality, ergonomics and usability,’ ’Emotive appeal / feel, styling and the example set by the product,’ ’Eco-friendliness, energy efficiency and raw materials,’ ’Life cycle costs’ and ’Time’ (practical performance value).

Building service contractors attending the WFBSC Congress have the opportunity to visit CMS Berlin, which is co-located with this year’s World Congress.